Sunday, August 14, 2011

Kenapa kena pakai tali pinggang keledar semasa memandu?

Ya,kita boleh dapat peluang kedua (kira second chance la) nak hidup. Ada satu masa tu aku nak keluar dgn kawan aku,then tah macam mana boleh accident. Driver tak pakai seatbelt then rahang dia patah. Yang duduk sebelah pulak pakai seatbelt,nasib baik just scratch dekat badan. Kalau tak pakai tak tau la apa yang dah jadi. Alhamdulillah tak ada siapa yang cedera teruk time tu. Been wearing seatbelt all the time since that. I dont understand why Malaysians are so stubborn and dont want to wear the seatbelts. It doesnt make you any cooler or bad ass by not wearing it you know. I think it's stupid by not wearing it cause it akes you like what? Just 5 seconds or maybe less to wear it. And it helps you to save your life! 5 seconds and it helps to save your OWN life! Even a small kid can say that it is very beneficial. Plus,you dont have to worry about getting fine too. Its that simple,grab it and click it in. Seriously I agree with this.

Friday, March 11, 2011

What is happiness.

Happiness. It is a short simple word but comes with a lot of meaning depending on how people define it. Come to think of it,all human beings never want to be unhappy because being sad,depressed,stressed and all the synonyms to it will just eat us bit by bit from the inside and somehow it will be visible on the outside.

So with that,I can conclude that all people wants to live a happy life. What is happiness you might ask. Happiness can come from many source and it is up to us to search it.

Some people might say being rich makes them happy. While some other disagree and say that being healthy is the key to happiness. Of course to some people,being successful in what they do is the source of their happiness. There's also people who thinks being pretty,beautiful,good looking do make them happy. All of this opinions are either correct is incorrect.

Giving examples, Lee Yoon-hyung, hanged herself to death in her residence close to New York University because she felt lonely and cannot adapt to studying abroad alone thus; unhappy.
Being the daughter of the founder of world's famous electronic company,Samsung surely made a bold statement that she came from an elite family but still is unhappy.

Ruslana Korshunova,this Kazakhstan born "Russian Rapunzel" is a beautiful,alluring supermodel jumped from the balcony of her residential building in Manhattan's Financial District and the cause is said to be a lost love. Being pretty also doesn't mean that the person is happy. 

There's lots more examples that can be given here but I think most of you already get the point.

The way I think about happiness is keep being positive no matter how hard things could get and remember there's always a silver lining in dark clouds and being happy is when you can feel it in your heart and you can smile without faking it.

When you're happy it also shows on the outside,you will have this kind of glow and generate this sort of good vibe that people can feel and they will also somehow feel happy to see that you are happy.

Stay positive and always remember life is hard so you have to prove to life that you're harder :)

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Ground School 101

Okay since everybody have been asking me what are those many buttons on the plane that we always see in pictures,I decided to write about some of it. This is the real basic stuffs every pilot started to fly with. Even in a big jumbo jet,all this stuffs or as they call it, Instruments are there.

I will explain what are these stuffs all about,what is it, how does it work and.when do we use it.

 #1 Airspeed Indicator

  •    As by the name given,this little guy right here shows us the airspeed the plane is flying. But don't get confused,it is just showing the airspeed and it is not exactly the speed that we are going at because there might be headwind, which is the wind that is coming from the direction we are travelling that is making us slower.
#2 Attitude Indicator
  • This thing right here,tells us whether our plane is being a good or a bad boy by telling us how is their attitude. Haha I joke I joke dont be mad
  • This thing is basically the captain of all other instruments here. It provides pilots like some sort of an artificial horizon so that the pilot can make it as a reference when the real horizon cannot be seen.
  • Pilots usually will also use this as an indication on other instruments such as altimeter,turn coordinator and also the VSI (Vertical Speed Indicator)
#3 The Altimeter
  • Basically the altimeter tells you your altitude or how high you are (not how high as in how stoned you are in case you wonder)
  • The way this thing work is it measures the pressure of atmosphere and they have this mercury inside the altimeter to let this thing work.
#4 The turn-coordinator
  • As the name given,this thing makes sure the pilot is making a nice,rounded,coordinated turn. If the turn is not coordinated,the passengers wouldn't like it because they will be pushed to one side and kinda get sandwiched,I'm sure passengers wont like that if they got sandwiched by a fat guy haha. But if a hot girl and a guy was sitting at the back I'll make an uncoordinated turn so the guy would be happy
#5 The Heading Indicator
  • This item right here assist the pilot to determine the heading they are flying to,but the pilot cannot really depend on this because this is just an assisting instrument and it is not precise. It just helps the pilot to look at the heading they are flying to easily because looking at a magnetic compass for heading is such a trouble.
  • Pilots need to reset it every 10 - 15 minutes by putting the heading as what the magnetic compass shows.
#6 The Vertical Speed Indicator (VSI)
  • Last but not least,this stuff right here shows you the rate of either your climb or descent so you can kind of estimate how long will it take for you to be at certain altitude.
  • When you're climbing up the needle will be pointing up and on the side it will tell you if you're climbing 500 feet per minute or 1000 feet per minute. 
  • When you're descending,its vice versa.
I hope you guys could at least get a little bit of idea of how this stuff works now. I could write a longer one and explain about these stuffs more detailed. But you gotta contact me and pay me some money! 

Monday, February 28, 2011

Amazing science facts about birds

We have always seen birds that are flying to migrate to other places on winter. They are always flying in shape and formation. They always have this kind of a V-shape formation when they fly. It is really a wonderful scene to  be witnessed.
Why do they fly like this you may ask?

The bird at the most front of the V-formation creates some sort of an upwash that assists the other birds to support their weight in flight. Then the birds that are flying at the front and the tip are cycled so they all can recover from fatigueness and increase the range of the flight.

The formation also makes it easier for the birds to connect and keep a visual contact to each other if something happens.

In conclusion,birds really have this some sort of teamwork mentality and they know that if everyone unites they can achieve something great,maybe something they don't possibly think would happen if they work only on their own,not sharing ideas,not helping each other. Teamwork is one of the key to open the door of success.

Moral of the story: Think like these geese and start helping each other in the pursuit of success! Everything is easier with teamwork :)

Instrument flying

As of right now,I'm doing Instrument Rating in my flight training program. Way before I started my flight training,never have I imagined I would be learning how to navigate with all this instruments. When I was 15,I've only heard about this instruments stuff and it sounded so cool.

Be it the VHF Omnirange Navigation System or better know as the VOR,the Automatic Direction Finder (ADF),Radio  Magnetic Indicator (RMI) and so on. It sounds so cool and I really didn't thought I could learn of how to use it. 

The first week of the instrument rating class was pretty fun,we learn all those basic stuffs on what is all these instruments are about,how does it work how to intercept the VOR station,homing it and things like that. It was so fun I was actually excited for the class! (Talk about being an aviation nerd)
After I know all those basic stuffs here comes the complicated part. It took me sometime to get it and even until now sometimes I get so confused I dont even know what I am doing with it. Now Im getting nervous on how would I pass the IR flight test and exam if I am still like this.

Now what I think is screw all that,Im just going to get this one fail proof radio navigation instrument that is so easy to use so I could do my cross country worry free from getting lost. That's it,I made up my mind Im just going to get a GPS! Screw all that almost obsolete instruments,bet it will extinct in few years. YES,thats it no more freaking confusing radio navigation for me anymore!

Im getting a Garmin Aera 500 for myself sometime soon. I would prefer to just starve myself as long as I can get that state of art equipment (you all know that I need a diet as well)

Here's a picture of that GPS that I want to get

And if someone is kind enough to get me one,I would be really thankful and I will be your pilot anytime you want ;)