Friday, March 11, 2011

What is happiness.

Happiness. It is a short simple word but comes with a lot of meaning depending on how people define it. Come to think of it,all human beings never want to be unhappy because being sad,depressed,stressed and all the synonyms to it will just eat us bit by bit from the inside and somehow it will be visible on the outside.

So with that,I can conclude that all people wants to live a happy life. What is happiness you might ask. Happiness can come from many source and it is up to us to search it.

Some people might say being rich makes them happy. While some other disagree and say that being healthy is the key to happiness. Of course to some people,being successful in what they do is the source of their happiness. There's also people who thinks being pretty,beautiful,good looking do make them happy. All of this opinions are either correct is incorrect.

Giving examples, Lee Yoon-hyung, hanged herself to death in her residence close to New York University because she felt lonely and cannot adapt to studying abroad alone thus; unhappy.
Being the daughter of the founder of world's famous electronic company,Samsung surely made a bold statement that she came from an elite family but still is unhappy.

Ruslana Korshunova,this Kazakhstan born "Russian Rapunzel" is a beautiful,alluring supermodel jumped from the balcony of her residential building in Manhattan's Financial District and the cause is said to be a lost love. Being pretty also doesn't mean that the person is happy. 

There's lots more examples that can be given here but I think most of you already get the point.

The way I think about happiness is keep being positive no matter how hard things could get and remember there's always a silver lining in dark clouds and being happy is when you can feel it in your heart and you can smile without faking it.

When you're happy it also shows on the outside,you will have this kind of glow and generate this sort of good vibe that people can feel and they will also somehow feel happy to see that you are happy.

Stay positive and always remember life is hard so you have to prove to life that you're harder :)

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