Monday, February 28, 2011

Amazing science facts about birds

We have always seen birds that are flying to migrate to other places on winter. They are always flying in shape and formation. They always have this kind of a V-shape formation when they fly. It is really a wonderful scene to  be witnessed.
Why do they fly like this you may ask?

The bird at the most front of the V-formation creates some sort of an upwash that assists the other birds to support their weight in flight. Then the birds that are flying at the front and the tip are cycled so they all can recover from fatigueness and increase the range of the flight.

The formation also makes it easier for the birds to connect and keep a visual contact to each other if something happens.

In conclusion,birds really have this some sort of teamwork mentality and they know that if everyone unites they can achieve something great,maybe something they don't possibly think would happen if they work only on their own,not sharing ideas,not helping each other. Teamwork is one of the key to open the door of success.

Moral of the story: Think like these geese and start helping each other in the pursuit of success! Everything is easier with teamwork :)

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