Monday, February 28, 2011

Instrument flying

As of right now,I'm doing Instrument Rating in my flight training program. Way before I started my flight training,never have I imagined I would be learning how to navigate with all this instruments. When I was 15,I've only heard about this instruments stuff and it sounded so cool.

Be it the VHF Omnirange Navigation System or better know as the VOR,the Automatic Direction Finder (ADF),Radio  Magnetic Indicator (RMI) and so on. It sounds so cool and I really didn't thought I could learn of how to use it. 

The first week of the instrument rating class was pretty fun,we learn all those basic stuffs on what is all these instruments are about,how does it work how to intercept the VOR station,homing it and things like that. It was so fun I was actually excited for the class! (Talk about being an aviation nerd)
After I know all those basic stuffs here comes the complicated part. It took me sometime to get it and even until now sometimes I get so confused I dont even know what I am doing with it. Now Im getting nervous on how would I pass the IR flight test and exam if I am still like this.

Now what I think is screw all that,Im just going to get this one fail proof radio navigation instrument that is so easy to use so I could do my cross country worry free from getting lost. That's it,I made up my mind Im just going to get a GPS! Screw all that almost obsolete instruments,bet it will extinct in few years. YES,thats it no more freaking confusing radio navigation for me anymore!

Im getting a Garmin Aera 500 for myself sometime soon. I would prefer to just starve myself as long as I can get that state of art equipment (you all know that I need a diet as well)

Here's a picture of that GPS that I want to get

And if someone is kind enough to get me one,I would be really thankful and I will be your pilot anytime you want ;)

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