Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Ground School 101

Okay since everybody have been asking me what are those many buttons on the plane that we always see in pictures,I decided to write about some of it. This is the real basic stuffs every pilot started to fly with. Even in a big jumbo jet,all this stuffs or as they call it, Instruments are there.

I will explain what are these stuffs all about,what is it, how does it work and.when do we use it.

 #1 Airspeed Indicator

  •    As by the name given,this little guy right here shows us the airspeed the plane is flying. But don't get confused,it is just showing the airspeed and it is not exactly the speed that we are going at because there might be headwind, which is the wind that is coming from the direction we are travelling that is making us slower.
#2 Attitude Indicator
  • This thing right here,tells us whether our plane is being a good or a bad boy by telling us how is their attitude. Haha I joke I joke dont be mad
  • This thing is basically the captain of all other instruments here. It provides pilots like some sort of an artificial horizon so that the pilot can make it as a reference when the real horizon cannot be seen.
  • Pilots usually will also use this as an indication on other instruments such as altimeter,turn coordinator and also the VSI (Vertical Speed Indicator)
#3 The Altimeter
  • Basically the altimeter tells you your altitude or how high you are (not how high as in how stoned you are in case you wonder)
  • The way this thing work is it measures the pressure of atmosphere and they have this mercury inside the altimeter to let this thing work.
#4 The turn-coordinator
  • As the name given,this thing makes sure the pilot is making a nice,rounded,coordinated turn. If the turn is not coordinated,the passengers wouldn't like it because they will be pushed to one side and kinda get sandwiched,I'm sure passengers wont like that if they got sandwiched by a fat guy haha. But if a hot girl and a guy was sitting at the back I'll make an uncoordinated turn so the guy would be happy
#5 The Heading Indicator
  • This item right here assist the pilot to determine the heading they are flying to,but the pilot cannot really depend on this because this is just an assisting instrument and it is not precise. It just helps the pilot to look at the heading they are flying to easily because looking at a magnetic compass for heading is such a trouble.
  • Pilots need to reset it every 10 - 15 minutes by putting the heading as what the magnetic compass shows.
#6 The Vertical Speed Indicator (VSI)
  • Last but not least,this stuff right here shows you the rate of either your climb or descent so you can kind of estimate how long will it take for you to be at certain altitude.
  • When you're climbing up the needle will be pointing up and on the side it will tell you if you're climbing 500 feet per minute or 1000 feet per minute. 
  • When you're descending,its vice versa.
I hope you guys could at least get a little bit of idea of how this stuff works now. I could write a longer one and explain about these stuffs more detailed. But you gotta contact me and pay me some money! 

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