Sunday, August 14, 2011

Kenapa kena pakai tali pinggang keledar semasa memandu?

Ya,kita boleh dapat peluang kedua (kira second chance la) nak hidup. Ada satu masa tu aku nak keluar dgn kawan aku,then tah macam mana boleh accident. Driver tak pakai seatbelt then rahang dia patah. Yang duduk sebelah pulak pakai seatbelt,nasib baik just scratch dekat badan. Kalau tak pakai tak tau la apa yang dah jadi. Alhamdulillah tak ada siapa yang cedera teruk time tu. Been wearing seatbelt all the time since that. I dont understand why Malaysians are so stubborn and dont want to wear the seatbelts. It doesnt make you any cooler or bad ass by not wearing it you know. I think it's stupid by not wearing it cause it akes you like what? Just 5 seconds or maybe less to wear it. And it helps you to save your life! 5 seconds and it helps to save your OWN life! Even a small kid can say that it is very beneficial. Plus,you dont have to worry about getting fine too. Its that simple,grab it and click it in. Seriously I agree with this.

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